Lets work together

It happened so naturally that it may look like an accident. I am MBBS, and used to practice Allopathic Medicine (popularly known as English Medicine).Once, I saw few monks (Buddhist Sadhus), giving a flower juice for very high altitude illness. They said it helps to live at very high Altitude and sub Zero temperature, Himalayan regions. But the monk could not answer me, the reasons like why & what, but declared that from many generations his family is administrating this to needy. I got interested, and our research work lasted for nearly five physical years (and 3 x 5 = 15 man years) and ended up with “Cardorium Plus”which will definitely address “Vascular Endothelial dysfunction and Atherosclerosis”, primarily. Please note that as on date Allopathic Medicine still do not have any direct curative answer for Vascular Endothelial dysfunction and Atherosclerosis, hence only our research continued, and ended up in some useful results in the form of “Cardorium Plus”. Still we are excited, working on some more formulations, based on natural herbs and their “nano” actions whose results shall be announced as soon as they are ready. Now I shall agree that Life Science is a practice which protects Life, from excess or ill effects of Natural forces known as Panchabhutha. One should also note that Human body is made of Panchabhutha the Natural forces – Prithvi (Earth), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Akash (Ether) – even proven from Darwinism “biological evolution” which is well accepted in the present world. Hence its (Human Body’s) reaction to the Natural Forces (in our case herbs from nature) is so common similar to that of our friendship with next door neighbors, but only we need to recognize the good neighbor from the bad one and adjust ourselves. The principal aim of Kalaga Herbal Research Labs Private Limited is to Research on life sciences and New Drug Development based on Herbs and Traditional Medicine / Ancient Medicine which is evidence based research. Our aims and research based on World Health Organization guidelines and aims on the Integration of modern medicine (Allopathic) and Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Tibetan and Chinese medicine etc.) which will bring together the strengths and balance weaknesses inherent in different systems of Health Care. Now our promise is, we will continue to work (research) in this adventurous path and time will tell the results, if we can bring out some “Somras” or else, to be seen (Of course our research team can recognize and adjust their path of work towards positive direction). Principal Director of Research, Dr. KVGS Murty .